Cory White

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Cory White

shane gould in her life aquatic
a beacon in the fog
chiaroscuro ; in transit. nagoya, japan.
more grommets who can surf better than me
logs and peelers spring time in the Ballina shire
more folk : a colaborative portrait series of unique faces from folk collective
buzzards: humans congregating on clifftops
up north: shot on location in the majestic northern territory ; australia
surfers ear: a significant return to the oceans belly
homeland: a personal series of observations of american street life: exhibited 2014
lady faces: some untouched portraits of the good folking folk at folk collective
polyurethane: form and function decorated by the lucky few who can skate
beach life: an ongoing observation of aussies at play
not native: observations of plantations
aquaphobia: a father attempts to break his young son's fear of water

Australian photographer.

Commercial portfolio and Representation as below.

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