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Cory White

humble anonymity, observations of family , victorian high country
acquaintances, debutantes and repeat offenders
it's people like us: A commissioned documentary story observing the pervasive use of phones in private and public situations. Our overwhelming and omnipresent fixation with our phones presents a compelling case to switch off more often.
100 scholars: a portrait series sydney, australia
grommets , coal cliff australia
northbridge located in perth, The most isolated city in the world, has a palpable sense of desertion. With the sheer numbers of people leaving the city after the resources boom, you can feel an almost Detroit-esque ‘end of an era’ resonating. yet an underlying australian optimism remains, bathed in that ubiquitous west australian light.
The oris rally classico: The three day event starts and finishes in the Mallorquin coastal town of Puerto Portals. Comprising of fourteen timed stages, the rally takes drivers on a four hundred and fifty kilometre adventure throughout the islands varied landscape. This rally epitomises the magical unison of man and machine
more folk : a colaborative portrait series of unique faces from folk collective
shane gould is the only swimmer in history to hold all freestyle world records, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m and the 200m Individual Medley at the same time. Shane quit swiiming at 17, and by chance and luck I had the good fortune of photographing her in open water on tasmanias east coast.
lady faces: some untouched portraits of the good folking folk at folk collective
not native: observations of plantations
dreamtime: uluru , Australia
surfers ear: a significant return to the oceans belly
a beacon in the fog, pyeongchang, South korea
basalt: observations of Punalu'u Beach
buzzards: humans congregating on clifftops
polyurethane: form and function decorated by the lucky few who can skate


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