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Cory White

basalt: observations of Punalu'u Beach
aquaphobia: a father attempts to break his young son's fear of water
new article on featuring mr fit and healthy, lockie jeffrey, who gives us some insight into mens health : full story at
homeland: a personal series of observations of american street life: exhibited 2014
aloha spirit : personal observations from the hawaiian islands
at height: a personal series of aerial landscapes that literally took my breath away. procured in new zealand high above the Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park
beach life: an ongoing personal series observing the life and activities of aussies at the beach.
the directors cut: lifestyles on the island of majorca, spain
Heatwave A series of impromptu portraits made during the infamous 2014 Melbourne heatwave.
Europa a handful of european observations shot on 35mm film

Cory White

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